Peru is a country with greater geographical diversity!  these coming with respect to Andes mountain range, which runs through all of South America and its geological nature; those conditions permit to show us, with eight natural regions; whitout a doubt, all landscape manifestations in flora and fauna are most diverse; in conclusion, for people who like hiking, culture, human development in process, living with environment or just make an expectant journey to Machu Picchu; offered by Andean Nature Life, travel company.

When planning a visit to Machu Picchu; by an adventure walk, without a doubt, its demands to know alternatives, whom adapted to our interests; the personal style which each one imposes, recreational and complementary activities, besides small details would construct, a successful experiences and achievement of knowing Machu Picchu by adventure trek; here are some of them … more

Planning a trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu; first of all, it requires us to know alternatives, interests, feasibility, time and details that only Andean Nature Life know as well; marks our style and very personal measure. Another important issue to define; even a trip to Machu Picchu is done by train, as 98% of visitors do, or we dare to a 11 km hike by hydroelectric. It’s really known, the main attraction is Machu Picchu, but we cannot leave aside other attractions, therefore,…… read more

At Andean Nature Life! Planning a trip to Machu Picchu; It requires us to know as well possible alternatives, our interests, feasibility in time and small details which must be very much tailored to us. Another important issue is define event we travel to Machu Picchu by Train as 98% of visitors do, or we dare to walk 11 km by hydroelectric path. However, we are on our way to Machu Picchu and the way is the subject of each one; Here we propose several formats, we hope that … more 

Peru Tourist Packages

To planning a trip to Peru and Machu Picchu; Andean Nature Life, propose possible alternatives, which suit your interests; so much than, feasibility, time and other details mark your very personal style and measure; therefore, success or degree of success start with our choice; another important topic would be to define our stay time in Cusco, where Machu Picchu is located; which would constitute at same time, our Machu Picchu experience!

Well known is, Machu Picchu  ….. read more

About us:

At the beginning we would like to indicate that our company was born in 2008; the purpose of us, promoting tourism to tourist icons of Peru such as: Machu Picchu, Titicaca Lake, Nazca Lines, Colca Canyon; at the same time, cities like: Cusco, Lima, Arequipa, Iquitos and others with tourist importance; also, as a consequence of our growth: South America, our near horizon. Zack our current leader, with more than twenty years into tourism industry, as a result of his experience, now turns his knowledge as a manager and operations director; therefore our performance is manifested in:

Mission, Vision and Philosophy

VISION, as a consequence of our team work, to present and consolidate ourselves as a best travel and tourism company in Peru; therefore our daily tasks as basis of our development, 

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would be to promote: punctuality, leadership, innovation, credibility and quality services who are based in our values and integrity. Therefore, making our services “experience and fulfillment” of our clients, of course will mean recognition and achievements; finally, these tasks fulfilled would allow us to expand our operations in South America.

MISSION, ensure that our services, represent for our clients, a beautiful & endless experience, so much than phrase: “Live your experience”, without a doubts, constitutes an own expression of our users, after taking services; in the other hand, values and integrity, is own seal of our equipment; besides endless contribution of nature, archaeological and historical jewels expressed with tourist attractions; therefore altogether, they constitute pillars of enterprise development from Andean Nature Life.

PHILOSOPHY, in conclusion, a cornerstone, on which our work is based, in addition to achieve-ment of objectives and goals, are our values in daily work: security, truthfulness, honesty, punctuality, creativity, innovation and others would allow us to serve better our customers and visitors; so, with as much dedication as possible, provide quality personalized services.

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