Vista a las Terrazas de Pisac
View to the Pisac Terraces

Classic Sacred Valley Tour

Disfruta del atractivo mas importante
Enjoy most important Attractions

Inca’s Sacred Valley

The Inca civilization, a human group who obtained greater advances in agriculture, chose to confines and surroundings of Willkamayu or Sacred river, now Vilcanota river, these cultivation areas: Sacred Valley Peru was on ceremony to gods; now same area is a major attractions as tourist destination in Peru, today it’s a don’t missed circuit where “mandatory stops” and places to visit allows us enjoy a beautiful day with a pleasant company of our Guide who with his professional performance permit to transcends us in time.

At time to leave from Cusco city our day first objective is get Pisac archaeological site, these would happen but not before making two previous stops at viewpoints: 1) Taray over view allow us appreciate Incas Sacred Valley magnitude of the sacred valley,  2) Pisac over

view permit us to see a village and decipher a mountain base of archaeological complex; so, we exploring  and have a great time there, after that, we down Andean market located at main square and surroundings to buy and appreciate handicrafts, souvenirs and some local customs which still in force, especially on Sundays; finally tour trip continues to Urubamba where a buffet lunch with Andean ingredients awaits as “a small sample of Cusco cuisine”.

Experiences per Sacred Valley Peru, continue with a trip to Ollantaytambo, known as “Inca living city”, these per architecture and Inca structures which are maintained over time; initially, we explored archaeological side with our Guide, whose conditions give an opportunity to show off knowledge and skills into his work, so, you would have an unforgettable time; then, our journey continue to Chinchero village, there, we visit archaeological side, a colonial chapel and handicraft market; after that, at afternoon ending we return to Cusco city from great and unforgettable experience not before to express there is no prose which describes all content and development achieved these Andean population into beautiful Wilkamayu valley.

Mirador Taray
Taray Overview
Centro Arqueologico Pisac
Pisac Archaeological site
Mercado Artesanal Pisac
Pisac Handicraft Market
Mirador Ollantaytambo
Ollantaytambo Over view
Valle Sagrado: Ollantaytambo
Ollantaytambo Over view
Capilla Colonial de Chinchero
Chinchero Colonial Chapell

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