Cañón de Tinajani
Tinajani Canyon

Cusco to Puno


Valle Sur: Tipón
Tipon Cusco

Exclusive: Sun’s Route

Titicaca Lake is a natural wonders world, to explore needs Cusco to Puno trip; these is considered a highest navigable and deepest lake on the planet, certainly one of the major tourist attractive in Peru; these has historical relevance, since, one Cusco and Inca Empire founding legends refers this Lake; hence its denomination as “sun’s route. Now, Titicaca Lake with access from Puno city has as main attractions: Los Uros Islets, Taquile Island, Amantani Island among others considering, we could make a journey to entire terrestrial surroundings of Titicaca Lake.

The proposal to visit Titicaca Lake from Cusco needs a connection trip: Cusco to Puno or vice versa with visits to attractions located en route; in our sense this trip should be made in 

three days: Day One, outbound trip during a day visiting four attractions; Day Two, get inside and visit into Lake (could be extended to suit our client); Day Three, return trip during a day visiting the other four attractions not visited on first day.

Here, the list of most representative places to visit on route: Tipón, a sample of Inca hydraulic engineering; Piquillacta, last Wari civilization redoubt (before Incas); Andahuaylillas, known as Sistine Chapel of America; Checacupe, a colonial bridge; Raqchi, a Wicacocha temple; La Raya, thermal baths and highest pass on route; Tinajani Canyon, natural formations (in our opinion, most transcendent); Pucará, land and origin of “Torito de Pucara” & others which demand to take out of main route.

Alternative Sightseeing Trip

According this proposal as we present, for some people could attempt with their times to visit Peru and have to pick some of them as well; in that way, an alternative possibility could be, just pick places according your interest. In the other hand per a single travelers would be a little expensive; so we have alternative a sightseeing bus service, with visits to Andahuaylillas, Raqchi, buffet style Lunch in Sicuani, stop time in La Raya and Pucara site.

Paso Rumicolca
Rumicolca Pass
Capilla Sixtina: Andahuaylillas
Templo de Wiracocha
Ruta Cusco Puno
Cusco to Puno Route
Cañón de Tinajani
Tinajani Canyon

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