Q'eswachaka: el último puente inca
Q'eswachaca: Last Inka Bridge

Q'eswachaka Bridge & Rainbow Mountain in A DAY

Montaña de Colores: Ruta Corta
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The Last Inka Bridge

Q’eswachaca is considered as last Inca bridge, now it’s an expression of “Living Culture” that is on 21st century; a handcrafted construction in straw or “sacred ichu”, made this ancestral task and custom to building and annual renovation maintain over time; happen, surrounding communities are responsible, for these maintenance and renovation and RENEWAL more than a joint work; is a holidays which starts on second June Thursday to Sunday which culminates with a folk dance festival: “Q’eswachaca…”; festival shows that local people retain their wonder as a legacy and heritage after generations.

When making inquiries about: current pre-Hispanic cultural manifestations; we could find a Q’eswachaka Bridge, which is a longed destination for people who have information about 

attractions and ancestral manifestations; its name in comes from Quechua language: Qheswa- people and Chaqa – Bridge or people’s bridge; Its difficult geographical location; get little diffusion and just who showed resources or facilities, such as mobility were able to visit.

An attractive considered as a gift by Mother Nature, increasing levels of visit just in a few years is located at place to don’t missed, why?; basically´, thanks to social networks per a permanent publications on their platforms, original name is “Apu Winicunca” (in basic concepts of Andean worldview APU means guardian god), geographically stands in front of a large, “Apu Ausangate” one recognized perpetual snowfalls over the world; its altitude exceeds 16,500 feet above sea level; so, take an adventure to explore Rainbow Mountain and challenge cross Q’eswachaca Bridge in a single day is quite daring; but feasible, geographical location of both places puts difficulties, but isn’t decisive when facing a decision, that performance would be reward with traveling by Four Lagoons Circuit; this adventure is timely for reduce or small groups.

Tour a Q'eswachaka
Q'eswachaka Tour
Winicunca: Montaña de Colores
Winicunca: Rainbow Mountain

Our adventure day, initially; we take us to Cusipata village, then take out of route way; through entire river basin with same name; this way lead us to get end vehicular road, where mobility is parking; then, we start a small hike by so-called “short path”; walking isn’t longer than two hours, which allows to be located in a preferential area towards Rainbow Mountain; adventure hiking at a place with more than 16,500 feet high, where wind waves its icy expressions; is an experience to live and  discover because imposing mountains and surroundings, covered with perpetual snows like Ausangate; are the perfect complement, on route during round trip, we have fortune to find herd of alpacas, lamas on their natural habitat; hopefully we could see some Vicunas.

after that, itinerary take us to Q’ehue district at Canas province, this time our objective requires us go down; to renowned Apurimac River where we would appreciate, a legendary Inca bridge built in straw as part of cultural manifestation of K’ana nation.

Now, challenge coming to cross Inca bridge (a comfortable phrase, but perform it constitutes a challenge), making a journey on that jewel, our own weight generate a sway of movement and waves of wind could produce adrenaline; Upon returning to Cusco, we take way by Four Lagoons Circuit: Pampamarca Lagoon or, Asnaqocha Lagoon; Acopia lagoon and Pomacanchi lagoon, who according to season show us beautiful specimens of birds as Parihuanas or andean flamingoes and variety of wild ducks.

Ultimo Puente Inca
Last Inca Bridge
Tour Montaña de colores: Ruta corta
Rainbow Mountain Tour: Short Route
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