Laguna de Piuray
Piuray Lagoon

Quad Bike Adventures: Maras Moray

Hermosos Paisajes y Mucha Aventura
Beautiful Landscapes and Lots of Adventure .....!

An extra activity into Sacred Valley; would be: Quad Bike Adventures to Maras Salinas and Moray Terraces, its beautiful high Andean landscapes, snow-covered surroundings, cultivation plots such as a painting are the best pretexts to make a tour in ATV vehicles, and while visiting Moray terraces and Maras Salt mines you would feel the Inca’s Sacred Valley yours on four wheels: on a quad bike; we know as cuatrimotos.

This experience: Quad Bike Adventure; takes half a day with the following itinerary:

1) Trip from Cusco to base operations into sacred valley, specifically, closely to Huaypo Lagoon;

2) Informative and instructive briefing, how to use ATVs and about routes;

3) Tour with a quad bike vehicles destined for Moray Terraces, which was dedicated to agricultural experimentation which is based on variety of microclimates at circular terraces have;

4) we make a route to Salineras Maras viewpoint (get inside now is restricted), this is a self-managed community whose maintains uses and customs salt extraction, as was done at pre-Hispanic past time; basically, salt water that emerges from inside of the mountain is deposited in small plots for a crystallization process; there are more than 5000 plots, this seen gives us beautiful photographic views and becoming better with geographical environment companionship;

5) We go back to operations based admiring rural meadows that characterize the great Inca’s Sacred Valley;

6) Return to Cusco city; end of a great and unforgettable experience, but not before, realizing and confirm there is no prose whose describes all content of the valley and development the Andean population achieved in this beautiful site.

Know an live unforgettable experiece around sacred valley with Quad Bike Adventures!!

Maras Moray & Cuatrimotos
Quad Bikes on Sacred Valley
Cuatrimotos en el Valle Sagrado
Maras Moray & Quad bikes
Importante Conocer
You Have to Know
Salineras Maras
Maras Salinas
Terrazas Moray
Moray Terraces
Cuatrimotos en el Valle Sagrado
Maras Moray & Quad bikes

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