Rainbow Mountain Peru

Rainbow Mountain Tour

Tour Montaña de colores: Ruta corta
Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow Mountain Peru

An attractive nature gift with increasing levels of visits, just in a few have been located as don´t missed attractive, basically is due to the force dissemination at social networks; the name of mountain is “Apu Winicunca” (in basic concepts of Andean worldview APU is guardian gods); geographically location is in front of, “Apu Ausangate”, one of the perpetual snowy recognized mountain in the world, its altitude exceeds 16,500 feet above sea level.

Rainbow Mountain Tour

Due to climate considerations and instability of temporary we must leave very early; that’s reason we pick you up from your place at 04.15 am on average with Cuspata village initial destination, where is located our restaurant to have breakfast, then we have an information 

session about walk, weather forecast, temperature and appropriate scopes for a successful adventure. We make our way through a place known as “short route”; geographically undemanding, but altitude sometimes imposes its conditions, that require us to be predictable and methodical. In turn, colorful and composition of landscape, snowy of the surroundings area, herds of llamas and alpacas are attractive complement of the place; where every situation or moment is an experience because very few times in your life you will be at 16,500 feet of height (very eventual, you will need go on a horse).

When we are located on the viewpoint, each grandstand to climb will be an achievement portrayed in photography, as higher a better, reached top, feeling of achievement and success empowers you, being since at your feet is the Rainbow Mountain of Colors or Apu Winicunca; at the other side, is located renowned Ausangate snowfall mountain; so, that locating in this place could surface all our emotions in one. Already managed and get our goal; any subsequent challenge will be simple, then, road to Red Valley another attraction nearest in the area will be our next goal, just in case our physical conditions give it and we will see it. On the way back, in our restaurant at Cusipata, lunch is waiting for us, after tasting it, we take road back to Cusco city, the end of a great and unforgettable experience.

Short Route to Rainbow Mountain
Apu Winicunca
Winicunca: Montaña de Colores
Memory Picture
Camino a Winicunca
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