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Inside Waqrapukara

This is a social networks performance whom show places or attractions like this, due to distance or operational issues, were left aside; particular case is Waqrapukara, now a new tourist destination whose mysteries remain latent to discover; a best quality of this place, gives a beautiful night sky that becomes an astronomical observatory (most probably Inca uses); name of the place coming in from quechua language and would translates: Waqra: animal horn, Pukara: Fortress. Finally name comes from its geological bases of mountain and form takes these constructions.

The service starts with pick up by our Guide from your accommodation around 4.00 am; initially, all together we take way in our car to Chuquicahuana, where we take a detour that 

leads to Pomacanchi lagoon; then, in Sangarará we taste a local breakfast as typical of the place; after, trip continues until a place known as Rinconada where our adventure hike start to main objective, in route we would appreciate its own flora and fauna of the place with flocks of lamas, alpacas, sheep and exotic birds, because we are located proximity to lagoons.

At time to explore a place we would take note, we are located on top of the mountain, rock formations at sides were used to made constructions which defy gravity, we explore places as: Inti Punku (Sun’s Gate), main square, towers, terraces, and paintings cave with lamas silhouettes.

Before taking return way, we taste our cold refreshment, because absence of a tourist restaurant would be evident, then, we return to Sangarará, Chuquicahuana and Cusco; at the end of full experiences of day we recognize, there is no prose which describes amazing buildings and development achieved by Andean people.

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Vista a Waqrapukara
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