Saqsayhuaman: Cusco - Peru

To planning a trip to Cusco Machu Picchu; first of all it requires to know alternatives according our interests, feasibility in time and other details which should mark our style and very personal measure; another important issue is to define, if the trip to Machu Picchu is done by train, as 98% of visitors make, or we dare to walk 11 km by hydroelectric. Machu Picchu as you known it’s a main attraction, nevertheless we couldn’t ignore other attractions, therefore, so, you must include other places as plus to have your expected greatest vacations; here we several proposal formats, we hope, at least one of them like you so much that take a your dream trip to Peru with us. Check all the options:

Every detail, would be your experiences .....!
Discover Machu Picchu & Surroundings .....!
More adventures at lower cost .....!
Live this Dream Plan .....!
Explore every Experience .....!
Enjoy Cusco & Machu Picchu

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