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Machu Picchu Uncovered 5 Days

View from Inti Punku or Sun Gate

Traditional Cusco

To visit Cusco tourist sites, for people who like classic plans, it was perfect prior to rise of social networks which allowed to know everything about Machu Picchu, Inca’s sacred valley and all tourist attractions in Cusco; Now the plan, is still functional, just skips demanding walks and lets you meet friends or interact with other travelers.

Arrival to Cusco, Details

FIRST DAY: experiences begin with pick up at airport or bus terminal as a welcome to Cusco city; initially, during transfer to you place we introduce and get some important details about Cusco, then into your comfort at your hotel, we develop a full briefing about your stay, interests and daily details of your scheduled excursions; next, a delicate issue of altitude or 

height, per your tranquility to stay and avoid unpleasant surprises, rest of the day, we consider as free and allow to adapt or overcome some symptoms of soroche or altitude sickness; just in case consider yourself in optimal conditions and your own risk, will be suggested make visits to museums, churches, markets, main square or other attractions of your interest into Cusco city. An important activity which doesn’t require effort is go to folkloric show dances presented by Centro Qosqo de Arte Nativo, whom is part of attractions offered in BTG or General Tourist Ticket.

Sacred Valley Tour Cusco

SECOND DAY: Upon leaving from Cusco city, our first objective of the day is Pisac archeological site, but, no before making previous stops at viewpoints whom allows us to appreciate the magnitude of sacred valley and decipher mountain base mountain of archaeological complex, then to explore, we go to Pisac main square and nearest of the town where Andean market takes place (Sundays: most complete), where we would appreciate crafts, souvenirs and local customs that are still in force; after that, tour continues to Urubamba where a buffet lunch prepared with Andean ingredients is waiting for us, as a “small sample of Cusco’s gastronomy” which we would taste.

Taray Lookout
Mercado Artesanal Pisac
Pisac Archaeological Park

Trip continues to Ollantaytambo, where we explore Archaeological side, whose conditions give our Guide an opportunity to show off knowledge and skills into his work, so you would have an unforgettable time; in the other hand, town is recognized as “living Inca town”, because Inca structures and architecture still maintained. On afternoon, initial we return to Urubamba, where we take a bifurcation to Chinchero, there we find an archaeological complex, a colonial chapel and handicraft market that we would enjoy; At the end of afternoon, we return to Cusco city, end of a great and unforgettable experience, there is no prose which describes all content and development this Andean population achieved in a beautiful Willakamayu valley.

Trip to Machu Picchu

THIRD DAY: today we make effective phrase: “the pleasure of traveling by train” that indeed would be so! For these trip tickets reservations takes Cusco or Poroy train station as departure place. The trip allows you to appreciate landscape diversity on its different altitudinal levels, Willkamayu or sacred river known as Vilcanota river, especially last hour of trip when you enter as canyon of mountains with a lots of vegetation, where river and train tracks are so much, time that you 

don’t want to leave camera far from your reach. Upon arrival, hotel staff waits at train station and after check-in we have day for suggested activities around the town; some suggestions: 1) Machu Picchu Museum, 20 minutes far from town, we could see objects found after studies of Hiram Bingham; 2) Orchid Garden located next to museum where we find local Orchids and plants all labeled with their name; 3) Putucusi Mountain strategically located in front of Machu Picchu that requires climbing at least 200 wooden steps placed almost 90 °; 4) Mandor Botanical Garden with local plants and orchids all labeled with their names, at the end of road it has an interesting waterfall, is located 50 minutes from the town; 5) Thermal baths located into town with attention since 05.00  to 21.00 hrs and others that hotel reception could suggest.

Machu Picchu Tour

FOURTH DAY: first of all, according to our visiting schedule we go up from town by bus to Machu Picchu access door, then, entering we go initially to a place known as: “Guardian House” where the Guide makes an integral presentation of Machu Picchu Sanctuary taking advantage of wide panoramic view offered by the place; Here we may take a best and memorable 

Train to Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu Visit

picture or classic photographs; after that, we follow detailed exhibition of places as main square, Intihuatana, mortars room, three Window Temple, condor’s temple and many transcendence places located inside this wonder world, Machu Picchu.

At the end of Guidance service, we have free time for activities such as: (1), go up to Inti Punku or sun gate, which is access to Machu Picchu from Inca Trail; (2), make way to the Inca Bridge; (3), second self-tour inside of Machu Picchu, being careful do not enter into exit circuit, because our entrance fee expire in four hours; (3), go up to Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain, in case you have plus ticket. After visit, we board bus that takes us back to town where we have free activities until half an hour before departure time of return train; finally we board these which transfer us to train station in Ollantaytambo, Poroy or Cusco, where have ready your transfer to your place in Cusco or Sacred Valley.

FIFTH DAY: free morning time to visits some attractions into Cusco city; to conclude with the program, according to your departure time we schedule a transfer to the airport or bus station where we say goodbye.

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