Panoramica Machu Picchu

Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu Peru 03 Days

Ollantaytambo Archaeological Site

Sure enough this is option if you looking for qualified visits in a short time, take advantage of free spaces without saturating activities or avoid crowded times; are you thinking to visit Machu Picchu into unconventional way (¿?); this is THE PLAN, very suitable for families and honeymooners, since in one direction we may complete almost 80% of tourist attractions outside of Cusco city; the program requires three days with overnight in Ollantaytambo and Machupicchu villages. The advantage into that way, we could make extra stops and manage our times underway according a best criteria of the Guide and passengers, as personalizing service on route.

Cusco Sacred Valley

FIRST DAY: until take way, two things have to be clear: (1), we are surely to stop anywhere consider as well; (2), our Guide who give us opportune explanations on route, is open to any 

queries about history and surroundings; so initially, we leave from Cusco to Chinchero village, there, we visit archaeological side, a colonial chapel and handicraft market; next, trip continues to Moray Terraces where we find an agricultural experi-mentation centers with circular terraces and microclimates; then, trip continue to Maras Salinas where we verify, salt is still extracted as same at pre-hispanic times, basically, salt water which emanates from inside of mountain is conducted to small plots for a crystallization process, these plots, are more than 5000,  views in global plus geographical surroundings give us beautiful pictures; after that, trip continues to Urubamba where a buffet lunch with Andean ingredients awaits as “a small sample of Cusco cuisine”. Experiences continue with trip to Ollantaytambo, known as “living Inca city”, for architecture and Inca structures which are maintained over time; initially, we explored archaeological side when our Guide, whose conditions give an opportunity to show off knowledge and skills into his work, so you would have an unforgettable time. NOTE, we suggest afternoon trip to Machupicchu town, just in case have plus ticket to Huayna Picchu, Machu Picchu Mountain or earliest get in time to Machu Picchu; otherwise, we do check in at our hotel in Ollantaytambo and have a free afternoon to explore this really interesting Inca’s village; there are so many things to discover.

Salinas Maras
Recorrido a Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu Sanctuary

Visit Machu Picchu

SECOND DAY: as previous day coordination having a most opportune schedule of us, based on our times and activities; so initially, we leave in a train to Machupicchu village where our Guide awaits, with whom we go to access site outdoor of Machu Picchu Sanctuary; next, registering our income we climb to “Guardian House”, where Guide makes an integral presentation taken advantage its panoramic and qualify position in there, we could obtain best memorable photographs of the trip, as well a classic ones pictures, basically this is nectar of the trip; then, our guide develop a tour to sites as: main square, Intihuatana, mortars room, three windows temple, Condor´s temple and many places per two hours average time; after that, we have free time per a single activities or routes such as: (1), go to Inti Punku or Sun’s Gate which represents access site to Machu Picchu Sanctuary by Inca Trail; (2), make way to Inca Bridge; (3),climb up to Machu Picchu mountain, which is highest point over the site, it has a great goddess view for surroundings including Willkamayu river; (4), climb up to Wayna Picchu, best plus activity into Machu Picchu the Sanctuary, is a huge mountain shown in classic pictures; (5), self-tour again to important sites you consider as well taking care and avoid exit circuit because our entrance fee ticket expires

after for hours; last, we could consider spent time into village or return to Ollantaytambo. Just in case, take an overnight in Machupicchu village, best schedule per train would be first one, on next day.

Sacred Valley Cusco

THIRD DAY: today meet with our Guide and transportation happen in Ollantaytambo to continue our greatest adventure to know Cusco and its attractive; so initially, we travel to Pisac archeological site, on route would see so many picturesque villages nestled into Inca’s sacred valley; next, we explore doing a small trek as inca trail into Pisac archeological; then we down to village where we have the opportunity to participate from Andean market where we could see and buy some handy crafts; after that, we return to Cusco city, no before have two stop at viewpoints to Pisac mountain and sacred valley; last places to visits are: Tambomachay inca baths, Pukapukara a military fortress, Q’enqo which means zigzag or labyrinth, Saqsayhuamán with its cyclopean stones; finally we get Cusco city to end our experiences at sacred valley and Machu Picchu.

Centro Arqueologico Pisac
Pisaq Cusco
Saqsayhuamán Cusco
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