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Peru has many tourist attractions, this plan provides to visit attractions in Cusco and Puno cities as a quick explorer: Machu Picchu, Inca’s Sacred Valley, Rainbow Mountain or Humantay Lagoon, Sun’s Route, Titicaca Lake and other attractions are guaranteed. The seven days contemplates for this program allows insert yourself in an exquisite nature Peruvian south, its history, culture and coexistence over time. Two important observations: 1) all our programs are designed to develop activities which allows make your visits without constraint; permanent the possibility to opening spaces for free days or extra activities; to apply, just need a previous coordination to readjust on time; 2) per operational facilities, airline tickets its suggested to purchase as a multi-destination: LIM/CUZ & JUL/LIM whenever its origin and return is to Lima city.

Activity Sequence
Q'oricancha Cusco

Cusco Peru Activities

FIRST DAY: experiences begin with pick up at airport or bus station as a welcome to Cusco city; initially, during transfer to your place, we introduce and get some important details about Cusco, then into comfort at your place, we develop a full briefing about your stay, interests and daily details of your scheduled excursions; next, a delicate issue of altitude or height, per your tranquility and avoid unpleasant surprises, rest of the day, we consider as free and allow to adapt or overcome some symptoms of soroche or altitude sickness; just in case consider yourself in optimal conditions and your own risk, we will suggest make visits to museums, religious circuit, markets, main square or others attractions of your interest into Cusco city. An important activity which doesn’t require effort is, go to folkloric show dances presented by Centro Qosqo de Arte Nativo, whom is part of attractions offered in BTG or General Tourist Ticket.

SECOND DAY: we leave from Cusco to Chinchero, there, we visit archaeological side, a colonial chapel and handicraft 

market; next, trip continues to Moray Terraces where we find an agricultural experimentation centers with circular terraces and microclimates; then, trip continue to Salineras Maras where we verify that, salt is still extracted as same at pre-hispanic times, basically, salt water which emanates from inside of mountain is conducted to small plots for a crystallization process, these plots, are more than 5000,  views in global plus the geographical surroundings give us beautiful pictures; after that, trip continues to Urubamba where a buffet lunch with Andean ingredients awaits as “a small sample of Cusco cuisine”.

Experiences continue with trip to Ollantaytambo, known as “living Inca city” this, for architecture and Inca structures which are maintained over time; initially, we explored archaeological side with our Guide; whose conditions give our Guide an opportunity to show off knowledge and skills into his work, so you would have an unforgettable time; in the other hand, town is recognized as “living Inca town”, because Inca structures and architecture are still maintained. next we have two options: (1), travel to Machupicchu town or Aguas Calientes on the afternoon train and spend a night (suggested for people who have entrance fee ticket to Machu Picchu as first users or plus activities such as Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu

Sacred Valley from Maras
Valle Sagrado: Ollantaytambo
Ollantaytambo Archaeological Site

Mountain); (2) make our check in at our place and take what remains as the free afternoon into town, we will spend a dream afternoon in Ollantaytambo town to enjoy its renowned qualities, next day very early we take destination to Machupicchu town to main visit.

Machu Picchu Tour

THIRD DAY: according our visiting time scheduled, we go up by bus to Machu Picchu access, then, entering inside we go up to place known as: “Guardian House”, there our Guide makes an integral presentation of Machu Picchu taking as a benefit the wide panoramic view that place offers; here we take the best pictures as travel memory; after that, we will continue with detailed exhibition of places such as Main Square, Intihuatana, Mortar Room, Three Window Temple, Condor Temple and many places of transcendence located inside wonder of world, Machu Picchu.

After two-hour average Guided tour service, we have free time for activities such as (1), walking to Inti Punku or Sun Gate, which is access from Inca Trail; (2), walking to Inca Bridge; (3), walking again inside of Machu Picchu with caution don not

enter into exit circuit; also those people who have a Plus ticket to Wayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain can make their adventure freely and smoothly. After Machu Picchu, we board bus that takes us back to the village where we have free activities, up to half an hour before train departure time and finally return to Cusco city Cusco.

Rainbow Mountain or Humantay Lagoon

FOURT DAY: according a best decision you made, at 04:15 a.m. on average, our adventure day begins with pick-up from your place to selected destination. Rainbow Mountain: A gift of nature attractive, geographically stands in front of a big one, “Apu Ausangate” one of recognized perpetual snow-capped mountain; its altitude exceeds 16,000 feet above sea level; or Humantay Lagoon: Located at foot of Humantay snowy snow-capped next to Salkantay; Humantay means Head of the God, its located at almost 14,000 feet altitude.

On the way, we have a breakfast in Cusipata or Mollepata, there we have a small briefing time about our adventure, after

Recorrido a Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu Peru
Humantay Lagoon Peru

continue trip until end of the road, where chosen adventure trek destination begins. In both cases, during trip and hike we could enjoy incredible landscape views, perpetual snowfall, herds of alpacas, lamas and entire Andean environment per pictures; After exploring and explanations about attractive per our Guide, we return to restaurant in Mollepata or Cusipata where an exquisite lunch awaits to repair our energies; finally we return to Cusco city.

Sun’s Route

FIFTH DAY: contemplate an excursion Cusco – Puno trip to visit Titicaca Lake, this route is 100% recommended during a day, since on route there are places whom support Inca civilization beginnings, reason of tourist interest; the visits duringtrip are made to most select places, not to be missed: Andahuaylillas considered as Sistine Chapel of America; Raqchi archaeological site, known as “Viracocha Temple”; La Raya, highest altitude point on route at 14232 feet and archaeological site Pucara; whose would be visited with an appropriate explanations of our Guide; Likewise Buffet lunch in Sicuani is contemplated into trip. The services has a schedule since 06.50 hrs to 16.30 hrs; finally, accommodation at your 

hotel in Puno city. 

Titicaca Lake Peru

SIXTH DAY: first of all, quite early we pick up from your place in Puno city, next we would go to port where our motorboat awaits, a travel vehicle whom takes initial destination to one LOS UROS islet, place where our Guide and a local villager make a presentation of; that will be a dream trip to inside of Titicaca Lake, where “totora” or rush, whose is a recurring element such that inhabitants of Uros build their belongings, kind different handy crafts as canoes or boats, their house, all of them based on this vital element of the place; then, we have a possibility to traveling by boat of totora known by locals as “balsas” from one islet to another, a very typical experience of the place; After, motorboat trip continues to Taquile Island direction, inhabited by Quechua people where weaving and looms are their main activity; after that, continue with a presentation and guided tour of the place; later on, we go to a local restaurant where we have lunch with trout stew from lake; finalizing our 

Capilla Sixtina: Andahuaylillas
Andahuaylillas Peru
Uros: Lake Titicaca

visit, return becomes effective by descending 537 steps whose lead us to port of Taquile Island to embark on our motorboat to return Puno city.

SEVENTH DAY: to conclude with program and activities, full of experiences, many photographs, beautiful memories and how much this experience would means: we schedule morning hours as free and schedule your transfer back to airport or bus station where we say goodbye.

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