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Easily Peru

One week in Peru including travel (?); trip to Machu Picchu has a variety of offers, but a distant trip would is justified with additional visits to standard tourist attractions; here is a suggested program of activities which allows in a short time to explore quite representative destinations of Peru: Lima, Ballestas Islands, Paracas Reserve, Huacachina Oasis, Cusco, Inca’s Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain or Humantay Lagoon, as well tourist attractions whom are located on the way; truthful in a few days the most representative of Peru. Two important notes: 1) all our programs, are entertained into development of activities which allow you to make your visits without pressure; almost we have the possibility of opening spaces as free days or extra activities; just have to be coordinate previous, because readjustments should be opportune; 2) for operative facilities its necessary to acquire airline tickets as LIM/CUZ & CUZ/LIM with arranging to our program.

Daily Sequence
Paracas Candlestick

Lima Peru, Details

FIRST DAY: We begin this plan to explore Peru with pick-up from Jorge Chavez International Airport where we await you, after customs control, we transfer with your place initial destination at Miraflores or San Isidro location; once you are settled in, we give you a wide information session about programmed services with schedules, details for each destination and coordination’s per first two days in Peru. Usually, first day is free for busy day with international flights; JUST IN CASE, your arrival in Lima would at mid-afternoon (at most), we could schedule a guided excursion to “Magic Water Circuit”, a very creative place, where ornamental fountains full of lights, color and music achieve show deployment.

Tour Paracas y Huacachina

SECOND DAY: quite early, transfer to terrestrial terminal is scheduled to board our bus to Paracas, we arrive there approximately at 07:00 am; here our transfer takes us, to tourist dock of the place for our guided marine excursion to Ballestas Islands where bio-diversity is highlighted, expressed in a variety of birds, Humboldt penguins, sea lions and too 

much species; then, we make over land excursion to Paracas reserve to finalize with a trip to Ica city. After lunch our visit to Huacachina Oasis is scheduled where activities of tubular walking, sand boarding, and walk inside around oasis are the main activities to share an afternoon with the desert. At nightfall time we go to terrestrial terminal to board our bus whom return Lima where we spend the night. SUGGESTED; for cases, our air flights would be on afternoon to Cusco destination, we can take a night in Ica or Huacachina, because we are not over demand our activities, this proposal needs previous coordination because trip and traffic which we are exposed in the city of Lima sometimes takes extra time.

Arrival to Cusco: Details

THIRD DAY: experiences at the well-known imperial city begin with pick up at Cusco airport as a welcome to city; then, once you are settled in your place, we develop a full informative session about your stay, interests and daily details of scheduled excursions. Due to height issues,, tranquility of your stay and avoid unpleasant surprises; rest of the day, is considered free 

Cusco City Center
Mirador Ollantaytambo
Ollantaytambo Cusco

in order to adapt to height or overcome symptoms of soroche (altitude sickness); just in case consider yourself in optimal conditions and your own risk, would be suggested to make some visits to museums, religious circuit, markets, main square or other attractions of your interest located into Cusco city. Info, a folkloric show of traditional dances presented by “Native Art Qosqo Center” at nightfall doesn’t require any effort, consider among attractions offered into BTG or Tourist Ticket.

Cusco Machu Picchu Tour

FOURTH DAY: we leave from Cusco to Chinchero, there, we visit archaeological side, a colonial chapel & handicraft market; next, trip continues to Moray Terraces where we find an agricultural experimentation centers with circular terraces and microclimates; then, trip continue to Maras Salinas where we verify that, salt is still extracted as same pre-hispanic times, basically, salt water which emanates from inside of mountain is conducted to small plots for a process to crystallization, these plots, are more than 5000,  views in global plus the geographical surroundings give us beautiful pictures; after that, trip continues to Urubamba where a buffet lunch with Andean ingredients awaits as “a small sample of Cusco cuisine”.

 Experiences continue with trip to Ollantaytambo, known as “living Inca city” this, for architecture and Inca structures which are maintained over time; initially, we explored archaeological park with our Guide; next we have two options: (1), travel to Machupicchu town or Aguas Calientes on the afternoon train and spend a night (suggested for people who have entrance fee ticket to Machu Picchu as first users or plus activities such as Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain); (2) make our check in, at our place; on afternoon at remains of time, we have free time in Ollantaytambo, these would be a dream time into town to enjoyed its renowned qualities, next day very early we take destination to Machupicchu town to main visit.

Tour to Machu Picchu

FIFTH DAY: according our visiting time scheduled we go up by bus to Machu Picchu access, then, entering inside we go up to place known as: “Guardian House”, there our Guide makes an integral presentation of Machu Picchu taking as a benefit the wide panoramic view that place offers; here we take the best pictures as travel memory; after that, we will continue with detailed exhibition of places such as Main Square, Intihuatana, Mortar Room, Three Window Temple, Condor Temple and many places of transcendence located inside wonder of world, Machu Picchu.

Recorrido a Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu
Winicunca: Montaña de Colores
Rainbow Mountain

After two hour average Guided tour service, we have free time for activities such as (1), walking to Inti Punku or Sun Gate, which is access from Inca Trail; (2), walking to Inca Bridge; (3), walking again inside of Machu Picchu with caution don not enter into exit circuit; also those people who have a Plus ticket to Wayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain can make their adventure freely and smoothly. After Machu Picchu, we board bus that takes us back to the village where we have free activities, up to half an hour before train departure time and finally return to Cusco city Cusco.

Humantay Lagoon or Rainbow Mountain

SIXTH DAY: according to the best decision you made, at 04:15 a.m. on average, our adventure day begins with pick-up from your place to selected destination. Rainbow Mountain: A gift of nature n attractive, geographically stands in front of a big onr, “Apu Ausangate” one of recognized perpetual snow-capped mountain; its altitude exceeds 16,000feet above sea level; or Humantay Lagoon: Located at foot of Humantay snowy snow-capped next to Salkantay; Humantay means Head of the 

Gods, its located at almost 14,000 feet altitude. On the way, we have a breakfast in Cusipata or Mollepata, there we have a briefing time about our adventure, after continue trip until end of the road, where chosen adventure trek destination begins. In both cases, during trip and hike we could enjoy incredible landscape views, perpetual snowfall, herds of alpacas, lamas and entire Andean environment per pictures; After exploring and explanations about attractive with our Guide, we go back to restaurant in Mollepata or Cusipata where an exquisite lunch awaits to repair our energies; finally we return Cusco city.

SEVENTH DAY: to conclude with program and activities with full experiences, plenty of pictures, beautiful memories and how much this experience means: we would schedule your transfer back to Cusco airport where we say goodbye.

Humantay Lagoon

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