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Wiñay Huayna

Inca Trail Peru 2020

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is considered, one of the most important adventure hike in the world per it’s recognized qualities and unique direct access to main attraction in Peru; due maintenance of natural environment and surroundings to future generations needs to take note about its regulations and verify: “Inca Trail availability” before leaving from home; since, it must be booked with extreme anticipation per limited spaces, usually four to six previous months of your adventure departure day. Four days Inca trail, at the moment, is a largest spread among the grid of Inca roads whom developed along Tawantinsuyo Empire (Inca state); its connection to Machu Picchu wonder of the world its main argument.

On afternoon, before of departure day we have a mandatory information session with our passengers for details, chores and characteristics about Inca Trail of each day: camping

sites, food, clothes, times and routes of the well-known Qhapap Ñan Inca Trail in accordance with regulations or rules which manage entrance Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

Inca Trail Entrance

FIRST DAY: quite early we pick up from your place in Cusco or Sacred Valley, initially we enroll in with our team: Guide, porters crew, cook and assistants who previously organized all adventure logistics; our exclusive transportation takes us to Kilometer 82 of railway Machu Picchu; then, we verify conformity of our equipment and belongings solve successfully solve our Inca Trail adventure. After taking a first memory photograph all together: passengers, guides, porters and logistics crew, we present ourselves at main entrance with our entrance fee ticket to Inca Trail at the first control which allows to cross Wilkamayu or sacred river, now Vilcanota river, and register our official entrance to our adventure trek to Machu Picchu.

Our initial destination at first day is Wayllabamba village, where our first camping site would located, there, on afternoon

Souvenir Photography
Patallaqta Viewpoint

time our crew awaits with food and ready tents to spend first night into Andes of Peru; During day, on route we explore places and attractions known as: Misk’ay, Llaqtapata, Incawasi, Willkaraqay and special consideration for Vilcanota & Cusichaca rivers whom, would be our companions together with the Andean geographical environment who give us a first postcards of this unforgettable adventure.

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

SECOND DAY: considered among all days, a highest level of difficulty, where first part of hike would be in permanent ascent, until reaching main pass known as Warmiwañuska pass (dead woman) located at 13,780 feet of altitude highest point, during our journey; initially subsequent to breakfast we start challenge to making our way to Pacaymayu valley, where our second night’s camping site is located; then, attractions on route and important crossing points into day takes names of: Ayapata, Llulluchapata, Warmiwañuska, Tres priedras and Pacaymayu valley; after that, we understand, all effort and sacrifice of our hike would be rewarded with beautiful panoramic views, from different ecological altitudes where Veronica

snowfall will witness our performance; finally, arriving at our destination, awaits us a succulent and warm dinner prepared by our cook and assistants. Second camping night.

Route to Wiñay Huayna

THIRD DAY: the hike of the day is considered extensive and allows us, insert ourselves into forest brow, temperatures would be warm and humid, a lot of vegetation; a quite changed environment in reference to two previous days, flora and fauna of the place would be pleasant surprised.  The places and relevance attractions of the day are named: Runkuraqay, Q’ochapata, Sayacmarca, Qonchamarca, Chaquiqocha, Phuyupatamarca, Intipata and Winaywayna. So, initially when restarting hike, we have to climb up to 12,600 feet of altitude where Runkuraqay Pass is located as second uphill; then, Inca trail becomes less difficult, sometimes would as downhill in reference to previous days and hike would be long, probably it takes about ten hours; before arriving to Wiñay Huayna, destination of the day, we have an interesting underpass or tunnel. At dinner time, we have a joint meeting with our team or personnel who manage operations to say goodbye our logistics team, because all

Inca Trail: Warmiwañusqa

of them next day, very early, after breakfast depart in reach to return train, so, Guide with us would take way to Machu Picchu. Third camping.

Visit to Machu Picchu

FOURTH DAY: considered the most awaited day, because we would make our triumphant entrance to Machu Picchu Sanctuary, a reward to our effort and dedication at previous three days; the adventure day, requires waking up earlier than previous days because the first challenge is arrive shortly, before six in the morning, to attraction known as Inti Punku or Sun’s Gate to appreciate a “sunrise” to Machu Picchu which show us Machu Picchu In all its majesty and splendor.

Initially from Inti Punku we descend, to a place known as “Guardian House”, where our Guide makes an integral presentation taken advantage its panoramic and qualify position in there, we could obtain best memorable photographs, as well classic ones pictures, basically this is nectar of our adventure; next, our guide develop a tour to sites as: main square, Intihuatana, mortars room, three windows temple, Condor´s temple and many other places for two hours average time; after that, we 

have free time per a single activities or routes such as: (1), make way to Inca Bridge; (2), up to Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu mountain (just in case have a plus ticket previously requested during your reservation); (3)self-tour again to important sites you consider as well taking care and avoid exit circuit because our entrance fee ticket expires after for hours; (4), visit a Machu Picchu museum, to do it, catch a bus down to “Puente Ruinas” and walk a little; (5) go down to Machupicchu town or Aguas Calientes to relax at thermal baths. Finally on afternoon, according our train schedule, we board this to Ollantaytambo station, where the return transport awaits us to Cusco city direction.

Machu Picchu
Wiñay Huayna Viewpoint
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