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Lares Machu Picchu 04 Days


Machu Picchu Panoramic View

Lares Machu Picchu Trail

Among many ways to get to Machu Picchu, Lares Machu Picchu route is one of the most beautiful, due to peculiarities of Peruvian Andes and costumes of the native inhabitants who with their colorful clothing make a perfect visual combination. During hiking, frequently you will hear about “huayruros” in allusion to local people who wear shiny red and black like a native bean seeds with same colors. ATTENTION: This service is served just in exclusive groups; in the other hand usually perform is three days, but we could extend to five days with an experiential tourism and share living whit local families.

Lares Valley Peru

FIRST DAY: we leave from Cusco city early 06.00 am towards to Lares town which belongs to Calca a northern direction, crossing beautiful and spectacular gorges along eastern side

of the Andes Mountains where our first destination is located: Huacahuasi, Initially we arrive at Lares thermal baths where we would enjoy its temperate waters in a pleasant environment; then, subsequent to lunch we start our hike on uphill direction in pleasant company of Trapiche River and camp into this beautiful village known as  Huacahuasi located on 11,800 feet altitude.  Spending a night at the place will be like traveling back on time to remote place, because inhabitants still use ancient Inca techniques to build their homes as principal characteristics.

Huacahuasi Patacancha Paths

SECOND DAY: subsequent a comforting breakfast, we continue our hike as ascent through beautiful places and landscapes adorned with Andean flowers where we would see many heard of alpacas, lamas and sheep on their natural habitat who graze peacefully; our path reaches 14,700 feet above sea level at Ipsayccasa pass; from this site we have could get beautiful views and photographs from Veronica Snowed mountain who is part of range of mountains known as “Los Andes”; then our path takes descent to Ipsaycocha or Ipsay lagoon, where we see andean geese, highlands ibis, ducks

Lares Hot Springs
Lares Machu Picchu Trail

and variety species of birds, at same time we insert ourselves into heart of Quechua world, we will see “huairuros” which is clothing to Patacancha and surroundings people; after that, we arrive to Patacancha community known for its fine Andean textiles; finally, We take a second night camping or have an experiential tourism and share living whit local families with a magical environment. NOTE, close by here, there is another community Known as Willoq, they also practice experiential tourism with possibilities to extend our stay in one day.

Patacancha Ollantaytambo

THIRD DAY: today is a connection with Ollantaytambo previous Machu Picchu; initially, we visit Pumamarca archaeological site or Inca’s attraction at morning time, this would worked as a control and shelter place because have privileged views to Patacancha and Yuracmayo Valleys; then we make our path down through colorful partially restored Inca terraces which currently serve to agriculture; after that, we have a lunch.

Experiences continue in Ollantaytambo known as “living Inca city” because Inca architecture and structures of the town are maintained over time, on afternoon we have three possibilities, you could do one or all: (1), up to Pinkuylluna hill to see Qolqas or constructions, have panoramic views around village and Ollantaytambo surroundings; (2), visit to archaeological site with our  Guide whose conditions give an opportunity to show off knowledge and skills into his work, so you would have an unforgettable time, just we need BTG ticket (Cusco visit ticket); (3), walk around village to know what about “inca’s living city”; after that, we spent a night because our main day coming into next day. NOTE, we suggest afternoon trip to Machupicchu town, just in case have plus ticket to Huayna Picchu, Machu Picchu Mountain or earliest get in time to Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu Tour

FOURTH DAY: as previous day coordination having a most opportune schedule of us, based on our times and activities; so initially, we leave in a train to Machupicchu village where our Guide awaits, with whom we go to access site outdoor  Machu

Valle Sagrado: Ollantaytambo
Pinkuylluna Ollantaytambo
Machu Picchu

Picchu Sanctuary; next, registering our income we climb to “Guardian House”, where Guide makes an integral presentation taken advantage its panoramic and qualify position in there, we could obtain best memorable photographs of the trip, as well a classic ones pictures, basically this is nectar of the trip; then our guide develop a tour to sites as: main square, Intihuatana, mortars room, three windows temple, Condor´s temple and many other places per two hours average time.

Subsequent to, we have free time per a single activities or routes such as: (1), go to Inti Punku or Sun’s Gate which is access site to Machu Picchu Sanctuary by Inca Trail; (2), make way to Inca Bridge; (3),climb up to Machu Picchu mountain, which is highest point over the site, it has a great goddess view for surroundings including Willkamayu river; (4), climb up to Wayna Picchu, best plus activity into Machu Picchu the Sanctuary, is a huge mountain shown in classic pictures; (5), self-tour again to important sites you consider as well taking care and avoid exit circuit because our entrance fee ticket expires after for hours. At end of afternoon we take our return train to Cusco, as ending our adventure with full experiences into Andean conclaves which crown with an unforgettable visit to Machu Picchu wonder of the world.

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