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Salkantay to Machu Picchu Trek

Salkantay Pass

Trekking Salkantay to Machu Picchu

One of best alternative hiking than Inca Trail is  Salkantay to Machu Picchu trek route, where maximum experiences are lived on heights and contrasts are reflected at each step, snow capped mountains dominant location become an adventure companions at wild times and others pleasant moments which rejoice our determination to choose this path. Salkantay hike to Machu Picchu at the moment became quite popular whit variability into operations where comfort could be achieved and may do adventure into word sense; any case, experiences are same or are built by everyone who makes their way to Machu Picchu wonder of the world.

The day before of departure we have an information session with each participants in a group Salkantay to Machu Picchu, where maintenance and sustainability issues are a main theme, in addition details, chores, camping sites, food, clothing, times, characteristics of route which take us to Machu Picchu and others of interest to each tourist. NOTE, this service could be

 done in four or five days,because Mollepata to Soraypampa section where is located first camping site, there is vehicular access, obviously path we do isn’t by car road.

Mollepata Soraypampa

FIRST DAY: before dawn our Guide and transportation pick up from your place, take destination to Mollepata village where we have a breakfast, while our team is verifying and refining our logistics and horses for our adventure time, since fifth one day is already for Machu Picchu. Trek takes destination to Soraypampa, in fact landscape is a shocking theme because mountains located at surroundings and proximity to snow-capped mountains are announced every time with insistence; towards noon we reach our first goal of the day, but biggest challenge as cherry on cake would be make way to Humantay Lagoon located at foot of snow with same name, these shows us its turquoise waters and contrast with snowcapped mountains would be pictured in beautiful photographs, then we return to camping site, overnight.

Soraypampa Chaullay

Humantay Lagoon
Other view Salkantay Pass

SECOND DAY: subsequence to breakfast our adventure takes path along Salkantaypampa whose means salkantay plain, so initially hike would be very comfortable, then, it will become demanding before to reach Salkantay pass located at 15,090 feet above sea level, there we find innumerable mounds of stones made by tourists in simulation to Saywas or Apachetas, these has been used as offerings to Apus and geographical, now, you will build one as a sign of achievement, sometimes happen this passage place becomes extreme because snow would show avalanches, after that we descend to Huayrac-pampa where our crew waits with lunch, finally we go to Chaullay where are located next camping side, path offer access to forest brow therefore a spectacular flora and variations in fauna, in fact landscape views so beautiful that we will always be busy with our camera. Overnight

Chaullay Santa Teresa

THIRD DAY: inserted to fullness into forest brow on route we would find a generous vegetation expressed in a lot of plants as coffee, coca and trees, some of those to stand out are: bananas, mangoes, oranges, papayas, avocado and others local 

trees, then, we would visualize e a variety of birds, such as: parrots, hummingbirds and others, a bird who stand out if we are with great fortune to find is Cock of the rock or “Gallito de las rocas” which is a representative bird of Peru, ahh, waterfalls, streams and river formation are complement, also variety of orchids would be recurring attractions; after that, we arrive on Sahuayaco  where we have lunch; finally here we take local vehicles services to make a short trip to Santa Teresa, accommodate in a lodging, go to Cocalmayo thermal baths as prize for all effort, at night we have group sharing.

Santa Teresa Machupicchu Village (Aguas Calientes)

FOURTH DAY: today would be a very exciting day; initially we have to choose one of following options: A), hike to Llaqtapata which we have go along Sacsara river and climb to this place; B), go on Zip line to same place; once we are all together in Llaqtapata Lookout or viewpoint we have the first visualization of Machu Picchu Sanctuary across the distance; then, we walk down to a place known as hydroelectric where we have lunch and continue our destination to Machupicchu town not 

Cocalmayo Thermal Baths
Zip line in Santa Teresa

before select one of following options A); trip by train and B); walking along riverbank and flat area per 11 km; finally we spend our third night there.

Machu Picchu Visit

FIFTH DAY: as previous day coordination we take a most opportune schedule of group, based on passengers who may have extra income to Wayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain; so initially, we go to access site outdoor of Machu Picchu Sanctuary; next, registering our income we climb to “Guardian House”, there our Guide makes an integral presentation taken advantage its panoramic and qualify position, we could obtain best memorable photographs of the trip, as well a classic ones pictures, basically this is nectar of the trip; then, our guide develop a tour to sites as: main square, Intihuatana, mortars room, three windows temple, Condor´s temple and many other places per two hours average.

After guiding time, we are free per a single activities or routes such as: (1), go to Inti Punku or Sun’s Gate which is access site to Machu Picchu Sanctuary by Inca Trail; (2), make way to Inca Bridge; (3),climb up to Machu Picchu mountain, which is

highest point over the site, it has a great goddess view for surroundings including Willkamayu river; (4), climb up to Wayna Picchu, best plus activity into Machu Picchu Sanctuary, is a huge mountain shown in classic pictures; (5), self-tour again to important sites you consider as well taking care and avoid exit circuit because our entrance fee ticket expires after for hours; on afternoon time we take our return train to Cusco, as ending our adventure with full experiences into Andean conclaves which crown with an unforgettable visit to Machu Picchu wonder of the world.

Casa del Guardian
View from Guardian House
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