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In Peru, Choquequirao is an important icon of Inca’s legacy, this is located at Cusco region into a complex geographical area, such that reaching the place becomes demanding; a little diffusion and faraway of attraction is due to operational difficulties compared with others excursion, as sacred valley or Humantay lagoon for example, who takes a day; but, there are many brave people like you, who come to Choquequirao known as “the other Machu Picchu”, although, these phrases are a very daring at the moment, because enhancement is in process and visiting’s are too suitable areas to explore Choquequirao; even you are in a plan to escape to routine, have a very personal challenge, want to disconnect from world, get into nature and culture or just want to get this place; this is your adventure, you would like it!

In absence a conventional transport to Choquequirao, we must do by hike that usually takes four days of adventure, there is a possibility to do it in three days, just in case our performance allows 

to these achievements; in the other hand, now is well known a route Choquequirao to Machu Picchu in seven or eight days to achieve this feat, certainly there are very few people who dare it, but they love to talk about their experiences, don’t you?. Even you want to try, these operations have been available just for an exclusive group, because it’s too complicated make coincide with dates with others adventurers who would like to catch this experience.

San Pedro de Cachora – Chiquisca

FIRST DAY: very early we leave towards San Pedro de Cachora, the trip is through colorful villages as: Izcuchaca, Ancahuasi, Willki (with a good weather, we could appreciate SALKANTAY impressive snowy), Limatabo, Kunyac bridge; next, route be in continuing ascendance and each time we visualize as well the Apurimac Canyon; note, with previous coordination on route we could visit Tarahuasi and Sayhuite attractives whom are located on route. We have vehicular access to Capuliyoc where starts our hike and could visualize all roads to trek during this expedition; a camping site for a day is located in Chiquisca but during path we pass by places like Tinajayoc, Cocamasa and Torwiskana; It’s highlighted, we descend along route and 

Internal Tour
Choquequirao Archaeological Site

temperatures will increase, mosquitoes will stick to us and expressions of flora and fauna at surroundings manifested with other names.

Playa Rosalina Sunchupata

SECOND DAY: subsequence to breakfast, hike, continue crossing Apurimac River at 4,265 high and Sunchupata at 10.800 feet; think about what altitude we have to hike, so today we are in a permanent ascent which allows us to cross different attitudinal levels with beautiful views of the surroundings towards the Apurimac Canyon; as well, flora and fauna varies. Today we make our way through picturesque places like Santa Rosa, Marampata, Raqaypata and others until we reach Sunchupata, camping site name which is located before to Choquequirao; here we spend the night; the place is practically anteroom to our main objective.

Choquequirao – Chiquisqa

THIRD DAY: after a refreshing and delicious breakfast, quite early we go to Choquequirao to appreciating the sunrise; next, we begin to explore the entire archaeological site per three hour average time; then, our Guide makes an integrated presentation which allows to locate at historical fact on time and constructions in reference to its location with respect to geographical environment where stand out: Vilcabamba mountain range, Blanco river, Apurimac river; after that we explore important sites as: ceremonial centers, terraces, qolqas and more this architectonic portent offers; finally, subsequence a lunch, we start to descend this path to takes return to Chiquisca, where our third camping site is located.

San Pedro de Cachora Cusco

FOURTH DAY: after a summary about all experiences lived, recognize its historical value, skills of Inca settler during construction which today’s constitutes architectural wonders, on the rugged geographical environment; we make our official return to Cusco, picking up our tracks by same places where we accessed; today is a less complicated ascent than the second day with a full certainty of having made and enjoyed the route to Choquequirao.

Agricultural Area
Mirador de Choquequirao
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