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VIP Inca Trail 05 Days

Inca Trail Peru

Inca Trail Peru

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu; an adventure full of experiences, highly qualified in the world context; at same time this is unique direct access to Machu Picchu; Inca trail was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, these concepts are some reasons why its maintenance and access are controlled, thus ensuring sustainability. Entrance to Inca Trail is subject to availability of spaces, only 500 places are granted per day, a main reason for having reservations and scheduled dates before leaving home. Here we offer an exclusive VIP Inca Trail service as an integral version which allows passing through Qorihuayrachina (a flagship of the Inca Trail).

Afternoon before the departure day, we have a regulated informative session with group who access into Inca Trail; sustainability issues are a main topic, as well as details, chores, Inca Trail characteristics, camping sites, food, clothing, times and paths of the Qhapap Ñan. We would like to emphasize; this program, is available just per private groups.

Piscacucho Qorihuayrachina

FIRST DAY: early morning our guide picks you up from your place, to add to our team: cook, porter’s crew, assistants; all of them ready with our equipment and food per all adventure; initially we go to Pisqachucho village located at 82 km of the railway; then, we check conformity of our logistic team to allow the success of our adventure; after that we took a first memorable picture with all trekkers participation as Guide, team and you. The first camping site is located in Qórihuayrachina, at the 88 km of the railroad to Machu Picchu; journey today takes about six hour hike by riverside paths of Willkamayu or sacred river (now, Vilcanota River); today we would visit: Salapunku, Piskakuchu and Qorihuayrachina archaeological sites, besides a great picturesque surroundings.

Qorihuayrachina Huayllabamba

SECOND DAY: already having breakfast, with Inca Trail entrance fee ticket, we present ourselves at Qorihuayrachina control, which allows us to cross Willkamayu or sacred river, today Vilcanota, to start our hike to Huayllabamba village where our camping site is located tonight; during adventure day, we would explore places and attractions known as: Patalllaqta, 

Cusichaca river path

Misk’ay, Incawasi, Willkaraqay, as well a pleasant company of Cusichaca river; the varied geographical environment and different altitudinal levels on route give us a lot of postcards as photographs of this unforgettable adventure.

Huayllabamba Pacaymayu

THIRD DAY: considered a most demanding day, basically by the first part of path; which is, a permanent ascent until reaching a main site known as Warmiwañuska Pass (Dead Woman), This is located at 13,780 feet above sea level as highest point during all whole expedition. So, after breakfast we initiate a challenge hiking to Pacaymayu valley where is located our third camping site; on route attractions and important sites during day, takes name of: Ayapata, Llulluchapata, Warmiwañuska, Tres piedras and Pacaymayu valley. All effort and sacrifice of our trek, would be rewarded with beautiful and panoramic views at different ecological altitudes where Veronica snowy will be a witness of our performance. When we arrive to our destination, in fact a succulent and warm dinner awaits us (as in all the planned feeding points), prepared by the chief cook and assistants. Third night of camp.

donde se ubica el campamento de nuestra tercera noche; en ruta los atractivos y puntos de paso importantes del día toman el nombre de: Ayapata, Llulluchapata, Warmiwañuska, Tres piedras y valle Pacaymayu; todo el esfuerzo y sacrificio de nuestra caminata será recompensada con hermosas vistas panorámicas desde diferentes altitudes ecológicas donde el  nevado Verónicas será testigo de nuestro desempeño. Al llegar a nuestro destino es un hecho que espera una suculenta y calentita cena (como en todos los puntos de alimentación previstos), preparada por el cocinero en jefe y asistentes. Tercera noche de  campamento.

Pacaymayu Wiñayhuayna

CUARTO DÍA: el recorrido del día, considerado el más extenso nos permite insertarnos en ceja de selva, con temperaturas abrigadas, ambiente húmedo y caliente, exuberante vegetación; un entorno bastante cambiado en referencia a los dos días previos donde la flora y fauna del área recorrida nos sorprende gratamente; los lugares y atractivos de relevancia son:

Warmihuañusqa Pass
Wiñay Huayna

Pacaymayu Wiñayhuayna

FOURTH DAY: today hike is considered most extensive, this allows us to get into forest brow with warm temperatures, exuberant vegetation; humid environment, quite changed in reference to two previous days, flora and fauna of the area we have been visiting give us pleasantly surprises; attractive relevance places are: Runkuraqay, Q’ochapata, Sayacmarca, Qonchamarca, Chaquiqocha, Phuyupatamarca, Intipata and Winayhuayna. At time, when we restart our trekking, initially we have to climb up to 12,630 feet of altitude where Runkuraqay Pass is located (for some people a second uphill); then, Inca Trail becomes nothing difficult so much that more times we hike as downhill; hike will be long which probably takes about ten hours. Before arrival at our destination, we have an underpass or tunnel quite exiting for many an adventure trekkers; something special happen at dinner hours, we have a joint meeting with our crew or team who support all operations and assist us; practically, they say goodbye, because the next day after earliest breakfast leave to reach return train; so, Guide and us, takes hike to Machu Picchu. Fourth night of camping.

Wiñayhuayna Inti Punku

FIFTH DAY: considered a most awaited day, because we would make our triumphal entrance to Machu Picchu Sanctuary as the reward of our effort and dedication during four previous days; adventure day, initially demands wake up earlier than usual, because a first challenge of the day is to arrive shortly before six in the morning to Inti Punku or Sun’s gate attraction to appreciate the “sunrise” to Machu Picchu which will show us in all its majesty and splendor.

Machu Picchu Visit

Initially from Inti Punku we descend, to a place known as “Guardian House”, where our Guide makes an integral presentation taken advantage its panoramic and qualify position in there, we could obtain best memorable photographs, as well classic ones pictures, basically this is nectar of our adventure; after that, our guide develop a tour to sites as: main square, Intihuatana, mortars room, three windows temple, Condor´s temple and many other places for two hours average time.

Inti Punku - Sun's Gate
Casa del Guardian
Machu Picchu

At the end of the Guided service, we have free time per a single activities or routes such as: (1), make way to Inca Bridge; (2), up to Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu mountain (just in case have a plus ticket previously requested during your reservation); (3)self-tour again to important sites you consider as well taking care and avoid exit circuit because our entrance fee ticket expires after for hours; (4), visit a Machu Picchu museum, to do it, catch a bus down to “Puente Ruinas” and walk a little; (5) go to Machupicchu town or Aguas Calientes to relax at thermal baths. Finally on afternoon, according our train schedule, we board this to Poroy station in the Vistadome qualified service; there our return transport awaits us to Cusco city direction.

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